Created in 2007 by acclaimed entertainer John Rotellini, R:E | Rotellini Entertainment & Design was born out of necessity   As young entrepreneur, John was very adamant about bringing his dreams to life, but didn't have the budget to hire out marketing or advertising services, let alone a consulting firm to help him get started. While starting his own business as a performer, John learned the importance of quality business practices and the value of great advertising and marketing.  From here, he set out to become an expert in the creative and business-related fields.  Over the past few years, John has learned first hand how to properly assess and create programs to make his businesses, along with many others succeed.


While pursuing his Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees in Communication, John found that he excelled in his business coursework and thrived in the creative and challenging world of advertising and marketing. In 2009, John found a second passion outside of performing; making great organizations even better.  During this time, John began the hunt to find exceptional staff members, not only to help him achieve greater success as a performer, but develop a resource to help other organizations thrive through precise objective-based programs as well as unforgettable events.


Now, R:E | Rotellini Entertainment & Design has come full circle.  From clients ranging from small non-profits to internationally-syndicated television broadcasts and Las Vegas headlining entertainment, R:E makes developing, sustaining and promoting a successful organization even easier.


Our robust services and expert staff can help you turn your dreams into realities.  We cater to a wide array of media platforms and programs that are tailor-made to fit our clients' goals and needs.  R:E prides itself on bringing excellent service to a variety of disciplines ranging from digital and web platforms to print, radio, television and live event focuses.  Our organization works with clients on issues ranging from business development and optimization to bottom-level branding and top-of-the-line marketing experiences at rates available to almost any budget.  


Bottom line, we want you to be successful.  Long-term success has been John's goal from day one, now it's your turn.