Great websites are a work of art.  They can connect people to their favorite organizations in ways that can change the world.  Here at R:E we want to help our clients create places to do just that.  Whether you're an upstart still in it's infancies with little capital to start a site or a hugely successful organization, we can design and maintain websites that clients are excited to share with the world.  Our sites are designed and driven on a platform that takes full advantage of next-generation web browsing technology and is constantly updated and upgraded to stay on the cutting edge of website development. Thanks to the services we partner with, within days of launching a site, popular search engines such as Google will begin indexing your site, allowing your organization to be more easily found online.

E-Commerce and Robust Infrastructure

We work with several organizations to help entities cultivate diverse web experiences. 

Here's some of what we're able to offer through our relationships:

  • Robust, multimedia-enhanced websites that are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.
  • SEO-driven web platforms, allowing sites to be more readily found by major search engines.
  • Social Media integration - websites and social accounts should work together, after all.
  • In-depth metrics tracking for the websites that we design.  This includes visitor counts, time of visit, location and demographic and psychographic information.
  • Rich e-commerce platforms
    • Clients can sell their products and services from any internet-enabled device.  Whether it's an online store for customers or a private POS just for staff.
    • Inventory and order tracking, including automated reminders when product supplies get low.
    • Custom loyalty and discount programs.  Customers are able to create custom accounts that allow them to remember their favorite orders, take advantage of special promotions and share their favorite products and purchases on their favorite social networks!
    • Social media integration - Our storefronts can also be embedded into several social media platforms including Facebook and Tumblr.  Customers can now make purchases without leaving their favorite social networks.
    • Track Inventory and know the status of products — online or offline.
    • Manage product options and combinations based on products’ features (e.g. sizes, colors, categories, etc).
    • Boost Sales by offering promotional pricing, discount coupons, volume discounts, and more to help generate more sales.
    • Sell digital products just as easily as physical products.
    • Choose from several different secure ways to accept payments among over 40 different payment options including:
  • Define different rates and carriers based on preferences and customers’ needs.
    • Smart Shipping Calculator - real-time shipping rates allow customers to see costs based on their location (via the customer’s IP address) and to adjust options quickly.
  • Language Detection - our storefronts are translated into 45 different languages (and growing), so customers can shop in their native language.
  • Each storefront we design is built on a PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service Provider, the gold standard for e-commerce solutions worldwide.

Requiring custom programming?  We're happy accommodate.  We have developed e-commerce and digital check-in solutions for organizations ranging from nonprofits and storefronts to healthcare and medical facilities. No more does an organization have to operate solely in their physical location.  Now we can help take great organizations and bring them to digital stage.  



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